Family Reunited


On Sunday night Pastor Robyn had a word from the Lord saying “there is a shift in the heavenlies to ease pressure on families”.  She then prayed for healing of families and marriages.  My brother had been missing since 1986.  He had developed a gambling addiction and vanished in Australia.   I had been searching for him through networks but to no avail and thought he may be dead.  The next day, after the word from the Lord, I opened my computer and there was an email from my long lost brother.  He had read about me on the internet and contacted me. I was overjoyed and immediately rang my dad with the awesome news.  God truly loves us and blesses us with the desires of our hearts.

– Keri Kopeke




Instant Healing


I had injured my arm and was unable to lift it above my waist.  As we were worshipping God on Sunday, the power of God touched me and my arm was instantly healed and I could raise it above my head! Thankyou Jesus

 Barry Hawkins



Eyes Healed

Over a month ago in one of our miracle services, I went forward for prayer for healing for my eyes. My sight was getting so bad that I was at a point where I needed glasses to read size 14 font. Brent McFarlane prayed a prayer of faith for me, I believed and I received. Three days later without thinking, I went to put on some glasses to read something, and I heard the words “oh ye of little faith”, I took those glasses off in a hurry, I repented and declared my healing. I have not needed to wear glasses since, I can see clearly now woohoo!!!

– Kura Maukau



Artificial Hips Healed

In 1995 I had 2 hip replacements and would have check ups every two years. In 2007 x-rays showed a crack line in one of the artificial hips and there had been movement of the ball in the socket. The doctors decided to monitor this and check at the next appointment. During this time I had begun attending the Centre Church and had sat in the meetings regularly, although not having prayer for this condition specifically. When I went back to the doctors, to their amazement, the x-rays showed no sign of the crack and the hip was sitting in the socket perfectly. The new x-rays were then compared with the old ones. The nurse commented that the new x-rays revealed that the hips were in as good a condition as when the operation was first done and that they would not need to see me for 3 years.

– Jill Brown

A Brand New Lung

At the age of 3 ½ years I got Pneumonia and I had surgery to remove a lung. Last year, 2008, my health deteriorated, having Pneumonia in my only lung. I lost all my strength, hope and went into depression. My pastors encouraged me and got me up for prayer one night. A few weeks after prayer I went to my specialist, having been on the waiting list for 10 months. To the specialist’s surprise and mine, after having breathing tests and x-rays , he discovered I had two lungs. I now have two normal lungs functioning perfectly for a man of my age, height and weight.

Thank you so much Jesus!

– Richard Bennett

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