Our Philosophy

Mission Statement
Centre Kidz will provide a quality Christian based programme dedicated for the families in our community, where children are empowered to realise their potential, and shown the ways and truths of God.    

To support the vision of Centre Church.

To recognise and support each child as an individual with unique gifts and talents.

To promote and encourage positive relationships between teachers, parents and whanau.

To provide a fun and exciting programme that engages children’s interests, and extends their learning in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.

To be a Preschool of innovation, promoting ongoing sustainability for a better future. 

We are committed to providing a warm, caring, supportive environment where children and their families experience God’s love, and receive quality care and education in preparation for a great future.

Each child is given the opportunity to develop and explore their own God given gifts and talents, in an environment which stimulates their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Christian values and principles will be woven into the daily life of the Preschool, while being taught in a fun and creative way. These will be reflected through songs, prayer, bible stories, and actions.

Praise and encouragement will be used to create a positive environment, where children will be valued and respected.

Teachers will encourage learning by:
Providing resources that extend the children’s interests.

Keeping up to date and relevant in their teaching practices by attending professional development throughout the year.

Being accountable to a bible believing Church.

Role modelling the character of Christ in their actions and interactions with children, families, and staff members.

Striving to be excellent and teaching excellence.

Striving to be innovative and fostering creativity.

Maintaining positive relationships with families to encourage effective communication between home and the Preschool.